professional networking sites for nurses

4 Professional Networking Sites to Find a Job in Health Care

Social media has changed the face of job-hunting forever. The days of the paper resumes and follow up phone calls are nearly gone, and it’s all about making the right connections and networking on a global platform. For the health care administration field, professional networking sites are incredibly powerful. Graduates who are looking to start their careers in this field should know which sites to join in order to make the best connections with future employers.

The Best Professional Networking Sites in Health Care 

  • LinkedIn — LinkedIn is the most widely used professional networking site on the web, and many employers use its search features in order to find qualified candidates. This includes employers in the health care administration industry, who are looking for people who have the educational background and professional experience necessary to fulfill their positions.
  • MedicalMingle — MedicalMingle is an online community for anyone who participates in or is interested in the medical industry. It’s a wonderful way for those interested in the health care administration field to make connections with industry leaders. Participants in this community provide feedback and advice on health care careers.
  • MyMedPort — MyMedPort is a social networking site for health care professionals who are interested in the business aspect of the industry. Health care industry professionals work together in order to provide each other with the information and resources they are looking for about a given issue.
  • Businessfriend — Businessfriend is an up-and-coming social networking site for professionals in various types of industries. The site has several pages dedicated to the health care industry, where members can interact with one another and form relationships. It’s a good way to network with people in the industry in a relaxed yet professional setting.

The health care administration field is expected to grow throughout the next decade, but it will still take an expert network of connections within the industry in order to land that pivotal first job. Creating a networking plan that includes social media, in-person events and professional interviews will help you become a well-rounded candidate for any position in this industry. Professional networking sites are an important part of the process, but they aren’t the only piece to the puzzle. You will want to approach your job hunt from a variety of different angles in order to maximize your exposure and explore your options.