5 Unusual Nursing Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Unusual Nursing Jobs NurseBeing a nurse today can entail much more that working in a hospital, doctors office, or clinic – today’s educated nurses can travel the world, care for the stars, and even become teachers of the trade themselves. If you are currently a registered nurse, (RN) but haven’t taken the plunge for your bachelor’s degree in nursing, maybe these 5 unusual nursing jobs will motivate you to earn your nursing degree online with us at CCU.

Unusual Nursing Jobs:

Traveling Nurse – Depending on the path you want to take, a traveling nurse can simply arrange to travel locally to facilities or homes as needed, or you can opt to travel abroad to utilize your nursing degree within another country. Once you earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing, the sky is the limit! Many degreed nurses interested in traveling work with nursing recruiters to secure new positions around the world.

Movie Set Nurse – You may not think about it, but even the greatest hospital and doctor shows on television require actual nurses behind the scenes. In fact, most movie and TV sets boast physicians and several nurses to tend to on-set incidents, minor illnesses, and for consultation purposes. Earning money while rubbing elbows with the stars isn’t a bad way to make a living, and these new grad learning jobs are gaining in popularity.

Pharmaceutical Sales – Many RN’s are turning to online nursing education to obtain their bachelor’s degree with the goal of heading into a career in pharmaceutical sales. Citing less stressful conditions, stable hours, and increased pay as motivators, pharmaceutical sales are one of the hottest and in-demand new grad nursing jobs in the nation.

Nursing School Educator – If you’re familiar with the nursing field, the nursing shortage probably hasn’t escaped your attention. Remarkably, it’s a shortage of qualified nursing teachers that has forced schools to limit new student intakes; hence, earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing can propel you to the top of the nursing chain fast. Every new teacher brings hope to ending this critical shortage, and if God’s will is calling you to teach, this career may be ideal for you.

Summer Camp Nurse – Although summer is the most popular time for organizations to host camps, many events occur throughout the year, making camp nursing a potentially full time position. Camps may be for adults, children, faith-based organizations, or for those with special needs, so there are virtually no limitations on what type of individuals you can work with and for.

These hot, unusual nursing jobs are well within the reach of nurses who earn their bachelor’s degree. Beyond increases in pay and a new set of job opportunities, earning your nursing degree online with Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies will give you a sense of accomplishment. Our faith-based curriculum within CCU’s Bachelor’s of Nursing Program will fill your mind with knowledge and your heart with joy as you take the next step in your career.