Finally! A Masters in Counseling Program in Grand Junction

As you get older, it is only natural to want to use your wisdom to give advice to others. Many do this by enrolling in one of Colorado Christian University’s Masters in Counseling programs. These programs are offered online and at Colorado campuses, including the Grand Junction campus.

Colorado Christian University stands out among universities that have a strong focus on online degree programs and helping adult students with jobs, families or both. The biggest difference is the Christian focus that is included in the Masters in Counseling programs, as well as the other graduate and undergraduate programs.

The program gets underway in January 2014, and those who meet admission requirements may be able to take advantage of this program. You’ll need:

  • An completed online application for graduate admissions
  • A Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • An Undergraduate Transcript sent to CCU from the school which granted that degree
  • A letter of recommendation

The prospect should download a letter recommendation form from CCU’s website and give it to the person whom they want to recommend them. This should be filled out at returned to CCU as soon as possible.

There are also several specific academic considerations showing the prospect’s readiness for the program. There are both minimum requirements and preferences for applicants including:

  • A GPA of at least 2.6 in their Undergraduate Program
  • Psychology or a similar degree is the preferred Bachelor’s degree, but that is not a steadfast requirement.
  • Taking the Graduate Readiness Exam (GRE) is also required, but is waived for those whose Undergraduate G.P.A was 3.25 or better.

Colorado Christian University has its minimum requirements as a baseline for it Masters in Counseling programs, but meeting them does not guarantee acceptance. CCU strives to be competitive and looks at each applicant carefully before making an admissions decision. Normally, admissions happen after an interview process, and they are initially granted on a provisional basis while a criminal background check is completed.

The application deadline for January term is December 6, 2013.

At Colorado Christian University we strive for a high level of quality in all our academic programs, and we aim to do more than prepare students for a job, but help them on their spiritual path to serve others through their chosen career.