Counselors Needed in Grand Junction

Grand Junction Mental Health Counselors in High Demand

Grand Junction, Colorado may be a picturesque mountain community, but there are some startling statistics among the residents of this beautiful part of the state. According to the American Community Survey and calculations by the Daily Beast; Grand Junction ranks number 10 in the country for divorce rates. In addition to having a high divorce rate, Mesa County, where Grand Junction is the county seat, has a suicide rate of 35 per 100,000 people. In fact, the state of Colorado itself averages 19.7 suicides per 100,000 making it one of the highest at-risk states for suicide in the US.

Suicide Rates On the Rise in Grand Junction

One would think that the beautiful mountainous landscape and sunny skies would be a welcome retreat from daily stress. In Grand Junction the opposite seems to be true. With marriages dissolving at record rates and suicide on the rise, experts are searching for the reasons why. There are many theories on the matter. Audra Stock, who serves as regional director for Mesa County Suicide Prevention suggests “That rugged western individualist philosophy” is to blame. Stock goes on to explain that many western Coloradans subscribe to the belief that “We’re capable and strong and independent; can take care of ourselves so things like depression, anxiety, trauma don’t happen to us.” When seeking help is seen as a sign of weakness, it is difficult for individuals and families to find the support they need.

People Dealing With Mental Health & Divorce Need Help

Other factors that appear to contribute to these higher than normal rates of suicide and divorce are mental health issues. While studies show that counseling can be an effective tool to reduce both divorce and suicide rates, Colorado sees some of the least funding per capita for mental health issues. As a result, Mesa County has a huge shortage of qualified counselors and mental health care professionals to reach out to and treat those who are struggling to make sense of their personal lives. While there are many organizations dedicated to helping prevent these tragedies, there simply are not enough people to fill the vacant positions. This is why Colorado Christian University is stepping up to make a difference.

The Counseling Program in Grand Junction is Long Overdue

Starting in January 2014, the Grand Junction campus of Colorado Christian University will offer a Master of Arts in Counseling Program. Like all of their programs, Colorado Christian University centers the Master’s in Counseling Program around the Christian faith. This will make CCU’s Master of Arts in Counseling Program a unique opportunity to express one’s faith by bringing families together and reaffirming the sanctity of every human life. If you have ever considered a career in mental health and would like to help others fight depression, this opportunity is for you. There’s a need for people with a passion to help right now!

You can apply for the Master’s in Counseling Program at CCU’s Grand Junction campus by doing the following by December 6, 2013:

  • Complete an online application for graduate admissions
  • Submit your resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Provide an undergraduate transcript form
  • Obtain 1 letter of recommendation from a former professor or supervisor

Enrolling in CCU’s Master’s in Counseling Program can be a life changing event for you and the people you will serve. Apply today, and you can join the community of mental health care professionals striving to meet the needs of many in Grand Junction and Mesa County.

  • Mary

    I am a registered Psychiatric/mental health nurse in Nigeria and most importantlly am a bible beliving christian, gifted in the area of counceling and do believe that with a CCU”s MS in Counseling and the power of God & holy spirit in working in me, i can be a blessing to the community in the knowledge of the word of God.
    Thank You