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Online Study Tools for Adults Mastering MBA Online Classes

When you’re returning to college after being out of school for a while, it’s not always easy to jump right in, especially when you are taking MBA classes online. Chances are, the learning landscape looks quite different from what you remember, but with the right online study tools you can make the most of the wide variety of resources the Internet has to offer.

Some of the online resources are helpful not only for MBA candidates, but for those in other stages of their academic careers as well, including high school or undergraduate levels. The important thing is to utilize these resources in a way that works well for you.

Top Online Study Tools:


On this site you can get quizzes and set up study groups on a variety of different topics, including foreign languages, law, math, science, business, and more. This can be used to connect you to others in your own online course, or to others who are learning something similar in their own program.


Cram offers online flashcards. The nice thing about Cram is that you can either create your own flashcards or find ones already made. This is a great tool to really test your knowledge!

Google+ Hangouts

These are another way to organize online study groups. Hangouts allow you to group your “study buddies” separate from other groups such as “friends from college” or “family.” It also integrates very seamlessly with Google Docs which you can give sharing permissions to and get that second, third, and fourth pair of eyes on your report.


Evernote is an excellent note taking tool that can be used on different devices in order to keep your notes organized. is also a great resource for organization and sharing references. Registration is free, and you can track and organize various sources, and even get help on how to keep everything cited properly.


This online tool is a quick and easy way to properly cite sources. Simply enter your website address, and it will spew our APA format. No more stress over bibliographies.

top Online Study Tools GMATIf you’re looking for tools that are more MBA specific, The Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) has information and tips for studying for the GMAT test. is the official site for the actual GMAT website, and there you can download GMATPrep software for free. There are also articles that will help you with the decision process; many of these materials remain useful even when you are already in the midst of your MBA program. It’s also the place where you register to take the actual exam, which is either required or advisable for many MBA programs. has various career resources and research tools available to help you prepare for the next step after you actually obtain your MBA degree.

At Colorado Christian University there are many ways to pursue your MBA either online or at one of many Colorado campuses. Since CCU has a separate College of Adult Graduate Studies program that is separate from traditional students, you’ll have classmates that are like you with career experience as well as faith and family responsibilities that help shape the learning experience. CCU strives to help you bring purpose to your learning experience, and understands how much you may be sacrificing in order to expand on your education. TO learn more about the MBA program, or one of the various other graduate or undergraduate programs, contact Colorado Christian University today.