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Life does not always move in a straight line. Standard convention would assume that we go through our educational process beginning at age 5 or 6, move through elementary school, junior high or middle school, high school, and then on to college. When convention holds, the entire process is complete by a person’s early to mid twenties. But not everyone fits this educational mold, and maybe you were one of those people who’s master plan got interrupted somewhere along the way.

There’s many reasons why people don’t finish college during their first go. Maybe they didn’t have enough money, or maybe they just got bored, or they were simply the type of person that needed to experience a little more life before making the hard decisions about their educational future. For some, a degree was obtained the first time around, but circumstances have changed, and either an advanced degree, or a degree in something different shows more promise, and is more along the lines with how they want their life to go.

If you are seriously considering going back to college, there’s a lot of options out there, and some are better than others. There are brick and mortar, traditional colleges and universities, but if you’re not in your late teems or twenties, or if you have responsibilities with work or family, this might not be the best fit.

Online Universities are popping up everywhere as well, and there are a lot of good things about these educational choices. Students of online universities are able to study and participate in their courses online on their own schedule, and since they work from their own computer commute time doesn’t have to be factored into the equation.

Benefits of CCU’s Adult and Graduate Program:

But some still want a taste of the traditional classroom experience to go along with their online courses. Colorado Christian University offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs that can be completed either completely online, or they may be combined with evening classes to offer more of a “traditional” college experience, tailored to the adult student, through their College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) program. CCU also maintains an undergraduate program on their Colorado campus for traditional students.

While finding online degree programs is fairly easy, a bigger challenge arises for those who want a faith based curriculum that maintains a high quality standard. No matter which category you place yourself, Colorado Christian University, you’ll find strong values of academic excellence that effectively incorporates a higher purpose into each program. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni recently names CCU in the top 2% of more than a thousand colleges across the country.

Colorado Christian University’s CAGS program offers Associates and Bachelor’s level degrees in areas such as accounting, business, education, psychology, and health care.. Master’s programs go even further, offering MBAs and Master’s degrees in Organizational Leadership, Counseling, and Curriculum and Development. Various educational licenses can also be obtained, and certificates are available in a wide variety of areas, including Ethics, Biblical Studies, Criminal Justice, Project Management. To learn more about all the program options for those going back to college contact Colorado Christian University today.