Will Health Care Reform Affect Students w. Military Education Benefits?

Will Health Care Reform Affect Students w. Military Education BenefitsThere’s been plenty of controversy surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordability Act (better known as Obamacare), but like it or not, this legislation’s provisions continue to go into effect. Obamacare covers a wide array of issues related to health care in the United States, but is ultimately intended to provide better coverage for millions of Americans. But some already covered citizens worry that, far from improving their health care coverage, Obamacare will ultimately detract from already earned military education benefits. Is there any truth to such speculations?

Veteran Affairs Health System

The Department of Veteran Affairs, or the VA, essentially will keep its operations running as usual, in spite of rumored changes related to the adoption of Obamacare. Those enrolled in the VA program will automatically meet requirements for coverage, meaning that VA members need not take any additional steps to ensure appropriate coverage. What’s more, current benefits and out-of-pocket costs will remain as is after the new health care legislation goes into effect. Prospective VA members still have the ability to enroll in the program at any time — and requirements for admission in the the Veteran Affairs Health System have not changed whatsoever.

Tricare And Obamacare

While the basics of VA coverage will remain essentially the same in the aftermath of Obamacare’s adoption, a few changes may be in store for those involved in Tricare, the health care program targeted at military personnel and their families. Fortunately for current Tricare members, Obamacare spurred alterations have largely been kept to a minimum. This is thanks, in part, to Tricare already having met the vast majority of Obamacare requirements prior to the legislation’s passing.

The only significant change to Tricare involves the creation of Tricare Young Adult (TYA), a program put in place in hopes of meeting Obamacare’s requirement for full dependent coverage up to the age of 26. Although dependents of military personnel can still be removed from their parents’ health care programs, they are eligible for enrollment under Tricare Young Adult, assuming they are unmarried, not eligible for employer-sponsored health care and still under the age of 26.

All in all, the impact of Obamacare on the military education benefits put in place by the GI Bill have been minimal. Children of military personnel may be forced to re-enroll for Tricare Young Adult, but otherwise, veterans and civilians currently involved in the military remains, as before, covered by excellent health care plans.