5 New Ways to Spend Christmas Eve with Your Family This Year

Ways to Spend Christmas Eve with Your FamilyThose of Christian faith look forward to Christmas time for special reasons. The celebration of Christ’s birth makes it a natural time to give to others, reflect on life and faith, and engage in meaningful family activities that strengthen your relationships with Christ and one another. Although dining together and exchanging gifts is a nice tradition at Christmas, there are other ways to spend Christmas Eve to make this season more meaningful for you and those around you.

Alternate Ways to Spend Christmas Eve

  1. Volunteer Your Time within the Community. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries are in dire need of volunteers at Christmas time. Encourage your children to focus outward during this season by volunteering as a family within your community.
  2. Adopt a Family. Switch it up by adopting a specific family instead. There might be a single parent at your church or college who’s going through tough financial times. Invite their family over for dinner and fellowship on Christmas Eve.
  3. Donate Food Directly to a Family. Food pantries are in need of extra food at Christmas time to provide recipients with holiday meal baskets. You can donate to your local food pantry, but my also consider putting together a special food basket for a family at church or in your community and deliver it on Christmas Eve.
  4. Visit a Retirement Home or Convalescent Center. Many folks living in retirement homes are far away from family at Christmas time. A visit to chat, bring homemade cards or sing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve can be the bright spot of their season.
  5. Write Out and Read What You See as Each Other’s Gifts. Spend time the week preceding Christmas writing a letter to family members telling them how they’re a gift in your life. Spend time on Christmas Eve reading the letters out loud.

Start a New Christmas Eve Tradition

Unique ways to spend Christmas Eve can become long-standing Christmas traditions. After toys are broken, clothing is outgrown and other gifts are tucked in the closet, the memories of special times spent together on Christmas Eve will carry on and become favorites of the season. No matter how busy you are at work, attending college or taking care of your family, Christmas is a time to put it all aside and enjoy special activities with your family.
Image By Lotus Head from Johannesburg, South Africa [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons