Christian Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

Merry Christmas from CCUGift-giving at Christmas time isn’t always easy. It can be a challenge to find meaningful gifts for family and friends, especially when you need Christian Christmas gift ideas. There are plenty of ideas, ranging from the expected to unexpected, that will let you recognize and share your Christian faith during the holiday season. Whether you shop online, at a Christian store or even at your Christian college bookstore, you can find something for everyone who believes that Christ is the reason for the season.

Gift Ideas for Christian Family and Friends

  • Christian Music CD. Secular music seems to become more graphic and inappropriate each year, making it hard for children and adults to find anything to listen to on the radio. The gift of a Christian music CD gives them a chance to enjoy music without compromising their beliefs.
  • Christian Movie. The same holds true for movies, which can be a challenging issue when your family wants to enjoy a little entertainment. The gift of a DVD will provide you with faith-based entertainment you can enjoy repeatedly.
  • New Bible Version. A different version of the bible, or even an audio version gives recipients a fresh perspective on God’s word.
  • Concert Tickets. Music lovers will be thrilled to praise and worship Christ along with their favorite Christian singer or band. Concert tickets are an exciting gift for teens and adults.
  • Jewelry. A cross necklace, promise ring or other Christian jewelry symbolizes the recipients commitment to faith and relationship to Christ. This can be the ideal gift idea for teen girls or someone you love.
  • Year-Long Devotional. Devotionals serve to guide the recipient through a study of the bible or certain parts of it. This gift encourages character development and will be appreciated throughout the year.
  • Witness Clothing or Gear. Clothing, backpacks, hats and other items with Christian sayings on them allow the recipient to share his or her beliefs with others.

Keep the Recipient in Mind

Keep your recipients’ personalities, likes and dislikes, needs and wants in mind. Purchase reading material for people who love to read, music or concert tickets for those who are musically inclined and witness gear for those who love to talk about their faith. As with any other gift-giving, Christian Christmas gift ideas will provide meaning to the receiver when you put some thought into the gifts you choose.