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Christmas Family Traditions You Should Start in 2013

Christmas family traditions are something many families already have – but it’s never too late to start or add an additional tradition.  Whether you’re finally on your own or have started a new family, it’s always nice to come up with a new Christmas tradition.

Giving Thanks

Many people overlook one of the simplest traditions – and that is thanking God for your blessings. Whether you’ve just had a baby, overcame a tough time in life or finally got a new job, remember God. You could do this before opening presents or incorporate it into prayer before Christmas dinner.

Seeing a Show

During Christmas, there are many Christmas services, musicals and events that showcase the magic of Christmas. By attending one of these events before Christmas, your entire family will be more excited for the holiday and they’ll look forward to it every year. If you’d rather stick to a casual Christmas tradition, plan on seeing a special movie on Christmas. Simply going to the movies can become a loved tradition.

Christmas Cookie Exchange

Christmas cookie exchanges are an inexpensive way to get together and exchange gifts. Whether you choose to do with your immediate family, friends or co-workers, people will begin to look forward to it every year. Just have everyone participating pick out a cookie recipe, bake cookies for the group and swap during a party or get-together. At the end of the night, everyone will have plenty of cookies to take home. You can also do this with chex mix or other sweets.


Christmas ornaments are a classic family tradition. You can either exchange ornaments with family and friends, or purchase a new one every year. Make sure you date the ornament so you know when you received it! After several years, you’ll have a lovely assortment that brings back cherished memories. Whether you decide to use classic ornaments or handmade creations, you’ll find this new Christmas family tradition keeps getting better.

Christmas PJs

This one we stole from Modern Family. One fun Christmas tradition could be buying everyone in the family new PJs. The night of Christmas Eve, everyone can open this one gift, put on their PJs and cuddle up by the fire. The next morning, everyone is in their new PJs opening presents which makes one holly jolly Christmas scene.

Adding Christmas traditions that involve extended families or a group of friends can make the holiday season even more special. Hopefully one of these inspires you and your family to start a new tradition.

Image By Till Westermayer [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons