Colorado Christian University Named a College of Distinction

CCU college of distinction Learning. Growing. And ultimately, succeeding.

Those are the three key elements to developing a successful academic curriculum. And those three elements have been exemplified by Colorado Christian University (CCU) once again, as the institute has been named a College of Distinction for the second year in a row. To put this honor in perspective, CCU is one of only five colleges in Colorado to have received such an honor. It’s also the only Christian university with the honor in the state.

But with all the accolades that are thrown around these days, does being named a College of Distinction really mean something? Or is it just another award to help build a school’s brand?

Why don’t you tell us…

In order for a school to be named a College of Distinction, it must meet certain criteria. For instance:

  • College of Distinction schools must be nationally recognized by peers in the education field. Think of it like this – sometimes the most convincing recommendation is the one by word of mouth. College of Distinction schools are like that. They’re well respected and have a high referral rate, both from graduates and education professionals.
  • Focus on teaching. In many higher education institutions, students are taught by teacher assistants or graduate students. That’s not the case with Colleges of Distinction – students are taught by professors to get the best, most comprehensive education.
  • Variety of learning. This area consists of extracurricular activities, like study abroad, internships, hands-on programming, etc. College is about a lot more than just attending class – it’s about life experiences.
  • Campus activity.
  • Real-world preparation. College of Distinction schools prepare students for the rest of their lives and provide a vast network of opportunities for new graduates.

In fact, the four main pillars that make up a College of Distinction school are:

  • An engaged study body.
  • Great teaching.
  • Successful outcomes.
  • Vibrant campus community.

So now that you know a little bit about what goes into the College of Distinction honorees, what do you think? Big deal or just “another accolade?”

We think it’s a big deal too.

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