Health Care Administration Programs 101: Getting Started

Health Care Administration Programs 101: Getting Started

The need for quality health care from hospitals, clinic, and other care facilities grows every day. By the year 2016, it is expected that there will be a need for 100,000 Health Care Administrators, making it an excellent career choice for those who are up to the challenge. Becoming a Health Care Administrator is not something that is achieved overnight. In most cases, it is necessary to complete Master’s level health care administration program, an advanced business degree with health care experience, or both.

Getting Started:

Before pursuing a Master’s degree, it is necessary to obtain a Bachelor’s degree. A good undergraduate degree to lay a foundation for becoming a health care administrator is a degree in Business or something Health related. Sometimes, a student will start out on a more clinical career path as a nurse, nurse’s aide or medical lab technician before deciding to pursue administrative duties. While working in Health Care Administration is often less physically demanding than nursing, the mental and emotional challenges are still there. Because of this, it is important to look into the health care administration program that fit your values and lifestyle.

Colorado Christian University offers both online and on campus programs in Health Care Administration at the undergraduate and graduate levels. CCUs programs stand out, because unlike most online programs, CCU considers a person’s overall life goals, rather than simply being a place to pass through before getting a job. The goal is to help students pursue a spiritual calling that allows them to feel a sense of purpose in their career.

Whether you are beginning the path to health care administration at the undergraduate level or are ready to enter into a Master’s program, it is important to choose the school that suits your needs. For those who need to continue to work full time, or those who care for their families, online education is a good option because it allows for flexible scheduling. This means that you can participate in your course during whatever hours are convenient to you, whether that’s at 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m. Like any college program there are challenges and deadlines which need to be met, so it is important to get organized and figure out a strategy as early as possible.

Most Universities have some sort of career resource center which helps you identify potential opportunities. At Colorado Christian University, the comparable resource is called the Life Directions Center which will help you look at more than just the “job.” It will help you determine what setting will work best with your overall life goals. Developing relationships with classmates and instructors is also important in order to build up your professional network. To learn more about CCUs approach to Health Care Administration programs, contact Colorado Christian University today.