How to Choose the Right Back-to-College in Colorado

Once you’ve decided to go back to college, that’s only the beginning. Whether your college education was interrupted or postponed, going back will give you more options for you and your family.  Your next step is figuring out how to choose the right college for your lifestyle and preferences.

Online Courses VS On Campus Courses

A big detriment to returning to college is family. But even with a family, you can further your education. Look for a college with online course options, night classes or short sessions. It is easier to work around a tight schedule with these class options if you are busy working or being a parent.

Of course, if you choose online courses, you have to have the staying power – you won’t have someone forcing you to be in class on time or at all – you’ll have to do it yourself. While the online courses do have excellent support, you have to be able to ask for help and encouragement if you need it. If you treat an online college course like work, you won’t have a problem.

If you do have the time on your hands because you’re a stay-at-home mom and the kids are now in school, you may opt to take courses on campus while the kids are in school. This gives you the opportunity to get out of the house and meet new people while furthering your education.

If you work during the day, CCU offers night classes so that you can continue supporting yourself and your family. With a combination of available times and the ability to take classes online, you can easily work a degree into a busy lifestyle.

Choosing a Degree Program

You can choose from certificate programs, undergraduate programs and even licensing programs. If you are trying to figure out your personal career path, talk with a career counselor. They will help guide you to your personal interests and strengths.

Choosing a degree also depends on the education you already have. If you have enough credits that transfer to take care of a large part of your bachelor’s degree, you may want to finish that degree. Even if you’ve changed majors, many of the courses you have for another major may fit into your current plan.

Class Size

Some people prefer smaller class sizes. With smaller classes, each student gets more individualized attention from the instructors, which means a better chance of getting a better grade for the class. It is also easier to become friendly with all of the students in the classroom, which bodes well for classes that require students to work together on projects. Another benefit of small class size is that instructors have the ability to use different methods of teaching that may benefit you. Some students learn better if they are exposed to hands-on learning, and with smaller classes, instructors have the ability to change their teaching styles to meet the class’s needs.

When choosing a college be sure to look at all of your options and choose the college that gives you the best flexibility in class attendance, an abundance of undergraduate and graduate programs and small classes. Choosing the right “back to college” school will ensure that you will succeed with flying colors. For more information on CCU’s adult programs, contact our counselors at (303) 963-3311 or come to an information session.