How to Stay Productive Over Christmas Vacation

How to Stay Productive Over Christmas Vacation

Finishing the last day of classes before Christmas vacation is almost as thrilling as an adult as it was as a child. As the weather cools down and your attention turns to your favorite traditions of the Christmas season, productivity may be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, if you spend your whole Christmas vacation ignoring your to-do list, you’ll probably find yourself scrambling in January. Instead, follow these tips that can help students stay on track during Christmas break.

Create specific goals: Rather than having a vague desire to be productive hanging over your head, lay out specific goals you want to accomplish over Christmas vacation. Perhaps you want to spend at least 5 hours applying for jobs or internships. Having these goals in mind will help you spend your time productively.

Learn Something New:  Now that you have some free time (hopefully), learn something completely new that interests you. Dabbling for a few weeks in HTML, language or graphic design could end up inspiring you to take professional classes or change career paths. There are many great introductory courses online for free so keep your mind sharp!

Organize your infrastructure: If you don’t have much to do for school over break, spend the time on other tasks that may have been neglected while your classes were in full swing. For example, you may want to clear out your email inbox. Christmas break is also an ideal time to squeeze in doctors’ appointments and catch up on errands.

Clean your home: Being in an uncluttered space helps improve productivity, not only during break, but also when classes resume. Tidy your desk or the place where you do your schoolwork and file papers that have been accumulating. In addition, clean your home and put away Christmas decorations before classes start again so you feel ready to work.

Enjoy family time: Christmas vacation isn’t only about productivity, so don’t become single minded. Feel free to enjoy your favorite Christmas traditions with your family. The vacation is also an ideal window of opportunity to spend quality time with each individual member of your family. You’ll find that your time with your family helps you feel rejuvenated for the New Year!