Will Health Care Administration Salaries Increase in 2014?

benefits of degree in health care adminAs 2013 winds down, many people are already looking ahead to the next year. Especially interested in what 2014 will look like are those who are furthering their education. The health care administration field is an area experiencing rapid growth, with an expected growth of 22 percent by the year 2020. If you’re working toward your Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration or thinking about entering a program, the issue of health care administration salaries is one you’ve likely considered.

Health Care Administration Programs

A variety of health care administration programs are available to suit your needs and interests, including Associate Degree programs, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Most Bachelor’s Degree programs will include 120 credit hours, which include 48 general elective, 36 major and 36 electives. Up to 31 credits can be applied from previous life and learning experiences. Major coursework is spread throughout the year to allow students to get the most from their educational experience.

Benefits of Receiving Your Degree

A variety of career options are available to you once you receive your Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration. Your educational background will open the doors to positions such as administrator of a hospital, supervisor of a long-term care facility or manager of a residential clinic. You may also oversee a specific hospital department or clinical area, or manage a medical care practice. The United States Department of Labor sites health care administration as a field experiencing faster than average growth, which makes it an exciting time to begin your career.

Expectations for Health Care Administration Salaries

As of 2010, there were 303,000 jobs in the health care administration field and that number is expected to increase to nearly 370,000 by 2020. The salary range falls between $40.52 per hour and $84,270 per year. Health care administration salaries in 2014 will average between $96,000 – 102,000 annually, with education and experience adding or taking away from that amount.

Get Started on Your Future

One thing’s certain, the salaries of those in the health care administration field will go up in 2014 and a quality education will assist you in achieving your career goals. In addition to earning you a better salary, you’ll enjoy the benefits of working in a meaningful field that positively impacts lives every day. The degree earned will help graduates command better health care administration salaries while building a career in an exciting, progressive field that promises continued growth.