5 Tips to Improving Concentration through Exercise

5-tips-to-improving-concentration-through-exerciseBeing a student is never easy. Getting a formal education adds mandatory meetings, additional work, and deadlines to your life, no matter when you choose to pursue your degree. For students with multiple responsibilities beyond their education however, the pursuit of a degree proves even more difficult.

At Colorado Christian University, we know the students of our College of Adult and Graduate Studies often have more to juggle than undergrads, and that staying focused on assignments can be more difficult when life gets in the way. If you are looking for how to improve concentration and get your work done, exercise is one proven means, but when and how you exercise plays an important part.

Here are five tips to make sure your workouts enhance your ability to concentrate on your studies, instead of leaving you too tired to absorb information.

1 – Choose Cardio

Cardio releases chemicals in the brain that encourage learning and memory, according to Huffington Post. The effects are lasting, unlike caffeine and energy drinks, which wear off and lead to energy crashes. So get to the jazzercising, dancing, or running!

2 – Break up Your Exercise Routine

Extended bouts of exercise can actually make you tired. As reported by US News, exercising too hard makes it more difficult to concentrate, instead of easier. Exercising in short bursts also has advantages over lengthy exercise sessions, including an increase in fat-burning and overall weight loss.

3 – Exercise Right before a Test or Cramming Session

When you are physically active, you get an increase in brain activity that lasts for a short period. So, instead of going straight to the shower, go straight to the books and you’ll retain more information from your study session.

4 – Get Up & Moving When Your Mind Starts to Wander

The boost in brain activity occurs with even moderate exercise. You don’t have to sweat to take advantage. So, if you start to float off-task while you are trying to do your homework, don’t stare at the page. Get up and take a brisk walk before returning to your work.

5 – Be Conscious of How You Feel

While exercising should be beneficial to concentration, it can be detrimental if you don’t pay attention to your body’s needs. Both caloric-deficiencies and dehydration make you tired, and fatigue is the enemy of concentration. When you increase your level of exercise to focus your mind, don’t forget to equally increase your food and water intake to keep your mind-body balance

Every student struggles to concentrate from time to time. It’s natural to occasionally lose focus. It’s when it becomes a regular occurrence that it causes trouble. Since exercise boosts the brain, a regular exercise routine that doesn’t wear you out can be just the kick your study routine needs to keep you on the right track.