5 Ways an Undergraduate Certificate Program Can Boost Your Career

5-ways-an-undergraduate-certificate-program-can-boost-your-careerMany jobs allow you to get started with no more than a high school diploma, but after a while at the job you may find can’t advance without further training. This can happen even if you have a two- or four-year degree, if your skills aren’t quite in line with your work.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay “stuck” – many careers can benefit greatly when you complete an undergraduate certificate program.

  1. Acquire New Skills — When you complete an undergraduate certificate program, you can not only tell your boss that you have learned some additional skills, you can prove it. This is often enough to get you a promotion or land you in a new job.
  2. Hone Existing Skills — If you’re working in a given area, such as project management, without a lot of training, you may be coming up short in certain areas. A certificate can help management see that you have the ability to perform at a new level, and the next time a good position becomes available it may just go to you.
  3. Focus Your Abilities — An undergraduate certificate program can provide you with a way to focus your interests and abilities, allowing you to boost your career beyond where you might be otherwise. A certificate helps to demonstrate that you have what it takes to work in a field such as health care administration or criminal justice. It hones your abilities and gives you a chance to get ahead in your chosen field.
  4. Career-specific Training — The right undergraduate certificate program can add to what you’re already doing by providing you with career-specific training. Instead of being stuck at one level, your certificate will help you vault ahead by giving you the skills you need for success.
  5. Provide Leadership Skills — If you’d like to move into management but aren’t looking for an MBA, a graduate certificate program may be just what you need. A program in leadership, ethics, or administration can provide you with the right credentials to set yourself apart from those without such training, giving you what you need to leap ahead in your career.

No matter what your career is, a good undergraduate certificate program can help you to move ahead, eliminating the hang-ups in your career caused by lack of skills or education.