Top 5 Reasons to Earn a Bachelor of Nursing Degree

Top-5-Reasons-to-Earn-a-Bachelor-of-Nursing-DegreeWhile it’s possible to become a registered nurse (RN) with only an associate degree, most RNs soon discover that a Bachelor of Nursing degree (BSN) is a far better choice for their career.

Here are five big reasons you’ll be glad you earned your BSN:

1. You’ll Gain Deeper Knowledge

The coursework at CAGS Nursing Program will sharpen your competence in using the rapidly changing technology demanded by today’s medical care. You will also receive a crucial grounding in research, analysis and leadership techniques. The profession of nursing, however, is based as much in philosophy as it is in science. In the CAGS nursing program, you’ll engage your critical thinking skills as you join in a lively conversation about the meaning of delivering Christ-centered care.

2. You’ll Have the Right Foundation for Future Education

Nursing is now made up of a broad and fascinating selection of practice fields. Nurses care for patients of all ages from infancy to old age, and BSN graduates can choose among dozens of specialties. Many go on to earn advanced degrees, so that they can teach other nurses, assume management roles, or set up independent practices. When you have a BSN, the doors of career advancement are wide open to you.

3. Your Patients Will Experience Better Outcomes

When researchers evaluate the health and wellbeing of patients cared for by nurses with bachelor’s degrees, they find that those patients consistently display better outcomes and lower mortality rates. The superior training that a BSN program offers is so clearly proven that the Institute of Medicine has called for a national initiative to ensure that by 2020, 80 percent of nurses should hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

4. Employers Prefer Nurses with Bachelor’s Degrees

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing conducted a study in 2012 which found that 39 percent of healthcare employers require candidates for nursing jobs to hold a BSN (up 9 percent since 2011), and 77 percent of those employers stated a strong preference for BSN graduates.

5. A BSN Brightens Your Financial Future

While your reasons for choosing a nursing career may be rooted in a strong sense of compassion and spiritual conviction, it’s always a good thing if your heart and your bank account can be filled from the same fountain! Registered nurses with bachelor’s degrees advance to higher pay levels faster than RNs who lack this educational background; and the numerous opportunities for advanced training can lead to salaries of well over $100,000 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“At the end of the day for us, it all comes down to patient outcomes,” states Jackie Somerville, chief nursing officer and senior vice president of Patient Care Services at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. She goes on to articulate the viewpoint that is increasingly shared by health care institutions across the country: “…Having baccalaureate-prepared nurses positively impacts patient outcomes.”