What is an Organizational Management Degree & Is It Right for Me?

what-is-an-organizational-management-degree-and-is-it-right-for-meWhat is Organizational Management?

Organizational management is a process used by many businesses today. It’s a method of breaking a department into distinct phases so that the supplies, personnel needs and operational steps can be analyzed and optimized. This could include streamlining supply chains, implementing training schedules, and even combining departments to optimize functionality. In a business, the organizational manager is in charge of planning the use of resources and personnel to meet the company’s marketing and production objectives.

Is it Right for Me?

Management takes a very specific set of skills. Do you get along with people, for instance? Are you detail oriented? Then this career track might be right for you. Skills you would need to learn include the ability to analyze data, a strong focus on details and most importantly, the ability to communicate well with others. If you have a passion for seeing businesses succeed and would enjoy improving the working conditions of their employees, than this job would be a good fit.

What Kind of Jobs Could I Get?

With a degree in organizational management, many job opportunities would be open to you. You could work with businesses to streamline their hiring processes, so that the most qualified applicants could be more easily identified. You might also work to improve the performance of individuals or groups, as well as to identify and resolve safety issues. As a project manager, you would analyze different aspects of a business and create specific projects to address the deficits you had identified.

What Kind of Training Would I Need?

Work experience is important if you want to pursue this career. A background in management, marketing or human resources is a good start. A Bachelor’s degree is also required to work in the field. An Organizational Management in Human Resources Degree (BS), for example, is a four-year degree that combines the management of human resources with the ethical principles needed to be a successful leader.

How Much Do Organizational Managers Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as a management analyst, someone with a Bachelor’s Degree and some relevant work experience could expect to earn as much as $78,000 a year. As a human resource manager, you could make an average of $99,000 annually.

Get Started Today!

If you have a passion for helping people, have strong communication and leadership skills, then getting your degree in organizational management is the first step toward working in a rewarding and well-paid field.