5 Fun Family Bonding Activities for Busy Families

5-Fun-Family-Bonding-Activities-for-Busy-FamiliesYour life as a graduate student is busy and hectic, which can create a challenge when it comes to finding precious moments to bond with your family. Studying, working, and homemaking – all are important, but nothing takes precedence over the value of family. Consider taking a break and embarking on a family bonding adventure with these five fun activities.

1. Family Night at Home

Game night is always a hit, and certainly one of the most affordable and convenient family activities there is. Make a night of playing hide-and-seek, break out those board games, get clever with charades, and then follow the action up with a movie and a bucket of warm, buttery popcorn or ice cream.

2. Take it Outdoors for the Night

Backyard camping is ideal for the busy family, and these ‘overnighters’ are possible even when you have classes the next day. Surprise the family with a spontaneous campout, and enjoy the convenience of having the house just steps away!

3. Volunteer as a Family

There’s always a need for volunteers, and doing so is a great lesson for kids to learn early on. Finding volunteer opportunities as a family is as easy as inquiring at your church home or with CCU’s student services for recommendations. You can help locally in your community for a day or make a weekly or monthly commitment. Just be sure to leave sufficient time for your graduate studies, too!

4. Garage Cleanout

It may not sound particularly enjoyable, but you’d be surprised at what you might find in the garage. Old photos, long-forgotten sporting gear, or an ancient project that just never came to fruition can become a topic of conversation or ignite an impromptu challenge. Best of all, cleaning the garage may already be on that ‘honey-do’ list.

5. Plan a Vacation Together

From choosing the destination to having a designated piggy bank that everyone can contribute to, your family can bond through the mere planning of a getaway when approached the right way – by letting everyone participate. Naturally, the experience itself will present more opportunities to get closer as a family unit, but the anticipation is also rather fun!

Make the most of your learning experience at The College of Adults and Graduate Studies at CCU, but not at the expense of your family. Reconnect and bond as often as possible, and have fun together!