5 Tips for Telling Your Boss You’re Heading Back to School

5-tips-for-telling-your-boss-youre-heading-back-to-schoolThe privilege of supporting a family plays a major role in many of our lives. When you feel led to expand your knowledge and earn a master’s degree, these will help you when it comes time to talk to your boss about your choice regarding the return to school.

5 Tips for Talking to Your Boss about Going Back to School

  1. Request a Meeting Time
    Since you’ll want your boss’s full attention, request a private meeting time to avoid distractions and interruptions. This will allow you to discuss your plans in full, giving you and your boss time to discuss the benefits of you heading back to school.
  2. Prepare in Advance
    Prepare what you want to say before your meeting. Write down your conversation, if that helps. Practice with a family member or in front of the mirror to increase confidence and decrease stress. This will help you consider what you want to say and how.
  3. Be Confident in Your Decision
    Through prayer and consideration, you felt led to return to school. Be confident that you’ve made the right decision. Your confidence will be evident in your words and body language when you meet with your boss, and can help positively sway his or her input.
  4. Express Your Goals
    Going back to school can be beneficial for the business you work for, as well as for you. Express your work-related goals to your boss, letting him or her know how you see the business benefitting from the advancement of your education.
  5. State Your Needs
    If reduced hours or a leave of absence will be necessary for you to complete your studies, find out how you and your boss can work together to make this happen.

Start the Next Phase of Your Life

A new journey in education and increasing your value in the workplace can be both exciting and stressful. We’re happy to help with any questions or guidance needed, and will support your Christian faith throughout the process. These tips for going back to school are only the beginning of the learning process you’ll enjoy during your time with Colorado Christian University’s online Adult and Graduate Studies programs.