5 Tips to Mastering Your Graduate School Application

how-to-master-your-masters-degree-applicationAfter earning your bachelor’s degree at Colorado Christian University, you may want to consider pursuing a master’s degree in¬†organizational leadership, counseling, business or education from Colorado Christian University’s College of Adults and Graduate Studies. With a master’s degree, your earning potential and employment options increases dramatically from learning additional specialized knowledge afforded by CCU’s graduate programs.

To begin your journey towards obtaining a graduate degree, you must apply to the college of your choice by submitting a graduate school application that is accepted by that particular study program.

Tips for mastering your graduate school application include:

1. Obtaining a least two letters of recommendation from previous instructors or professional people associated with your field of study.
Refrain from emailing or calling someone about providing you with a letter of recommendation. Instead, meet with them in person to discuss and agree on contents of the letter and also to ensure the person has enough relevant information concerning your skills, goals and expectations as a graduate student.

2. Don’t be afraid to “sell” yourself while writing your admissions essay.
The essay is all about convincing graduate school admission board members that you would be an excellent and successful candidate for a CCU master’s program. Include actively worded statements regarding your ambitions and how you developed an interest in your field of study, Describe any past volunteer or job experiences that promoted your skill in this field as well as life experiences that enhanced character traits applicable to making you successful in pursuing this career. Although a little humor may be appropriate when talking about experiences, don’t go overboard with it! The graduate admissions committee will be more impressed by a mature, insightful essay than a full-blown comedy monologue.

3. If you have a resume that you think can contribute to the essay’s substance, include it as a separate entity from the essay.

4. Edit and proofread not once but three or four times. Make sure your essay is free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Check for sentence fragments, vaguely worded phrases and continuity.

5. Structure your essay so that it clearly offers an introduction. Summarize why you are applying for this particular graduate program, followed by two or three paragraphs “pitching” your skills, high grades and applicable achievements. Wrap up the application with a solid conclusion describing why you consider this graduate program best suited to give you the education and experience necessary to succeed in your chosen career.

For more information about applying to Colorado Christian University’s College of Adults and Graduate Studies, visit http://www.ccu.edu/ccu/grad.