7 Amazing Reasons to Turn Your RN into a BSN Degree

7-amazing-reasons-to-turn-your-RN-into-a-BSNThe United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that buy the end of 2014, between the lack of new graduates and the rate of current nurses retiring, that there will be a shortage of up to 1.2 million nurses in the U.S. health care system. This could be catastrophic, especially as the general population ages and becomes more ill.

Without some strong effort to fill the gap between need and ability to fill the position, the situation will only worsen — entire clinics and emergency rooms may be forced to close, lowering the ability of professionals to address even the basic medical needs of a community.

An RN is probably the most common degree in the nursing profession. It requires an Associate’s Degree, yet can offer an average pay of up to $65,000 a year. The job outlook is positive, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet RN’s are increasingly returning to school to achieve their Bachelor’s of Nursing.

There are a number of compelling may encourage RN’s to return to school:

1. BSN’s earn a higher salary, a plus certainly attractive to any professional.

2. Experts and patient statistics alike are showing that further nurse education and experience leads to high patient safety statistics.

3. Many RNs who return to school find that they gain a new philosophy and broader view about their spiritual calling that benefits both themselves and their patients as they study and when they graduate.

4. Hospitals, oversight organizations, and even the American Nurses Association itself are requiring higher education in their personnel. Having a BSN opens more possibilities for the jobs that you desire, and in the future, the BSN may become the required entry level nursing degree.

5. Most RNs already have jobs, homes, and families — very full lives. Many of the programs geared toward professional improvement from the RN to BSN degree are flexible, and often conducted online, allowing time for all while sacrificing none.

6. Professional development is necessary for all nurses, but studying at the BSN level is especially focused in exposing the student to the latest medical methods, while never losing track of the spiritual foundation upon which the best care is based.

7. Many RN to BSN programs allow completion within a very brief study time.

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