Getting a BSN Degree? What the Nursing Shortage Means for You

getting-a-bsn-degree-what-the-nursing-shortage-means-to-youAccording to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the nursing shortage isn’t going to let up any time soon. According to the Association, this shortage will only get more intense before it resolves.

This isn’t due to any shortage of nursing students. In fact, the Association reported that during the last school year, BSN and graduate nursing programs had to turn away almost 80,000 students due to lack of faculty, staff, space or similar concerns.

The biggest reason for the shortage right now is the increasing number of “Baby Boomers,” who are now reaching the 50-70 age range, and will require extra care as they grow older.

Those Baby Boomers that don’t need care, probably will need some form of care soon. And many of these same boomers are nurses nearing retirement age!

So what does the current nursing shortage mean in the context of an aging Baby Boomer population?

1) Nurses are needed all over the U.S. right now.

2) This need is only going to grow in the foreseeable future.

3) Since classroom space is becoming overcrowded, anyone seeking their BSN should seriously consider applying to their preferred program as soon as possible.

BSN Degrees Aren’t Just About the Nursing Shortage

There is more to getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing than meets the eye, though. Over the last two decades, the degree has become less of an “extra” and more of a “standard practice.” And many medical educators and administrators back the “BSN in 10” initiative, which would require all RNs to achieve their BSN within 10 years of becoming active.

Additionally, many government agencies require a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. These agencies include the U.S. Public Health Service, U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and all branches of the military. In addition, many hospitals have the same requirement.

But why wait until a BSN Degree becomes a requirement? With the current nursing shortage and projected growth, a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from CCU will put degree holders ahead of the curve.