How to Keep Up When Flu Season Knocks You Down

how-to-keep-up-when-flu-season-knocks-you-downIt’s that time of year: stuffy noses, fever, exhaustion, cough, body aches, and a list of other miserable symptoms that slow many of us down. Catching a bad bout of the flu can really bring your life to a halt, and for some people it can even be deadly. You can’t let the knock-down, drag out agony of the flu take you out of your life for days or even weeks. Thankfully, there are things in addition to the essential flu shot that can help keep you on your feet — or even if the flu knocks you down; there are ways to get back up fast.

Here are some flu season tips for both:

1. Wash your hands often, and do so with soap and water, not anti-bacterial materials. Experts recommend that hospital personnel scrub for at least a minute, so it can’t hurt to follow the same guidelines.

2. Once flu season starts, many items suddenly become hard to procure at the drug store. Make sure you have plenty of what you’ll need, such as tissue, medicines, pain reliever, and a new thermometer. Stock your cabinets with lots of comfort foods, tea, and other kitchen items you might not feel like going out to get while you’re sick.

3. If you do get sick, you really need to stay home. A lot of hard working people have a problem staying home, but it is one of the most important things to remember. In recent years with the virulence and possible danger of new flu strains, employers are changing their traditional tune of “tough it out.” If you or your children are ill, there is nothing you can do that is better for everyone that to stay home and heal.

4. It may not be environmentally sound, health care professionals recommend that using disposable cups, plates, and paper towels while you’re sick help prevent the spread of germs.

Never forget that no matter how badly you feel, your relationship with God is always there to lift you up. Medicine, rest, and prayer all work together to get you through the flu season doldrums!

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