Student Service Advisors: Making the Most of Your Every Resource

student-service-advisors-making-the-most-of-your-every-resourceThe most difficult part about making the decision to go to college is the uncertainty associated with your choice. You can read all of the reviews and obtain tremendous amounts of information about the school of your choice, but you don’t really know what you’re in for until you begin your studies. Fortunately, the Student Service Advisors at the Colorado Christian University College of Adults and Graduate Studies can help you with all of the tough choices you’ll have to make, both before your program begins and while you’re working towards your degree.

Student Service Advisors, also known as SSAs, are assigned to all undergraduate and graduate students at CAGS. They advise students on a wide variety of topics, from which classes to take to how to best budget your time as you create your schedule. This is a very valuable resource that is free of charge to all CAGS students.

However, many students do not take full advantage of the resources available to them. As a result, students find themselves in difficult situations, whether it be a difficult teacher or an oppressive workload. These dilemmas burn students out on college, tempting them to abandon their studies.

The good news is, uncomfortable situations can often be prevented with a little planning and some good advice from your Student Service Advisor. If you’re wondering which professor to choose for a given class, your SSA can give you some tips about the pluses and minuses of each professor. You can also learn about how to properly structure your course load and plan your courses out so that you don’t end up stuck with a bunch of undesirable classes at the end of your program.

SSAs can also help you out if you’re stuck in a jam. Life often gets in the way of education, particularly if you have children. Your SSA has seen other students in similar situations and can tell you what to expect. If you have to take a semester off, or if you can only take a certain number of courses in a semester, your SSA can lend a sympathetic ear and tell you what your options are.

Going to college is about maximizing your available resources, and your Student Service Advisor may be your most powerful untapped resource. Contact your SSA if you have any questions about any classes in your program, or if you just want a little advice from an experienced advisor with your best interests at heart.