The 8 Most Popular Jobs for Criminal Justice Degree Holders

8-popular-criminal-justice-jobsOnce you complete your degree in Criminal Justice, a completely new world of career opportunities on the local, state, and federal levels will await you. Although some of these 8 most popular jobs for criminal justice degree holders may ultimately require additional certifications or education, your current degree gives you the edge – and a foot in the door!

1. Information Security

Governments, financial institutions, hospitals, and corporations compile vast amounts of confidential information, and InfoSec professionals are in demand. From tech based data to paper entries, careers in information security are prolific.

2. Law Enforcement

Police officers, courthouse positions, forensics teams, and a host of law enforcement positions are available those holding criminal justice degrees. Many graduates choose law enforcement for the flexibility in locale and work hours.

3. Border Patrol

From stake out patrol agents to those who work checkpoints, those who use their criminal justice degree to keep our borders safe and secure can feel secure about their future in this hot career.

4. Correction Facilities

It takes a large workforce to operate just one correctional facility, and there are literally dozens of positions to consider within the field. Corrections jobs offer quite a bit of upward mobility and job flexibility – and the benefits are great!

5. Customs & Immigration

Customs and immigration officials in are certainly in demand, and with jobs available in regional field offices and airports around the nation, criminal justice graduates have the freedom to travel if they like.

6. Private Security

Private security jobs are unique to say the least, but this career also gives one the chance to operate their own firm if they wish. However, finding private security jobs with an agency is the more popular choice of graduates. From celebrities to major events, private security can be an adventurous career.

7. Non-Profits & Advocacy Staff

These options are popular for those planning to pursue a career gleaning towards the legalities of the criminal justice system, particularly pre-law students. Injustices require compassionate individuals, and advocates and non-profits are primary providers of such services today.

8. Child Protective Services

Criminal justice degree holders with a passion for children find a rewarding career with local child protective services. Long-term careers can lead to supervisory positions with fruitful salaries, but the best rewards are the personal ones.

Get maximum rewards from your well-deserved criminal justice degree from CAGS with any of these popular careers!