Top Five Reasons to Earn a Degree in Criminal Justice

5-reasons-to-earn-a-degree-in-criminal-justiceThe decision to go to school to earn a degree is difficult because of the many possible choices and because it is hard to chart a career path until you know more about the field. The Criminal Justice degree programs at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies are appealing, not only because of the flexibility of the curriculum but also because of the career benefits the degree provides.

Flexible Curriculum

The Criminal Justice program at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers classes on campus and online, during the day or at night, so you can always find a class that meets your schedule. In addition, the admissions office accepts students year-round, so you can start your education whenever the time is right for you.

Fully Accredited

All of the criminal justice education programs are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. That means that you may be able to transfer your credits easily if that becomes necessary in the future, but more importantly, it shows that the education you have chosen to complete lives up to rigorous standards. You can be proud of your criminal justice degree from CCU.

Service to Your Community

Criminal justice graduates are often driven by a desire to provide service to their fellow man and the community at large. While you may not become a member of the community police force, you have the option to serve the community in a variety of ways such as personal or private security, as a member of a highway patrol team or as a sheriff’s department worker.

If helping others is important to you, criminal justice may be the right education for you to pursue.

Excellent Career Prospects

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that opportunities for police and detectives will grow slowly for the next few years, there is growth. Salaries are relatively high with a median pay more than $56,000 and big city detectives earning nearly $100,000. Salaries tend to increase with the individual’s education, so a degree will help your long-term earning power.

In addition to community police forces, criminal justice graduates may choose to work in sheriff or highway patrol departments, government agencies or border patrol. The career offers excellent prospects no matter where you choose to live.

Intellectually Stimulating

The criminal justice field is constantly changing, with new advances in forensics and changing laws. If you are interested in law or science or you enjoy learning new things all the time, criminal justice may be the right field for you to pursue.

If the idea of pursuing a degree in criminal justice at a university that respects your beliefs sounds appealing, take the first steps to this rewarding career by applying for admission to CCU College of Adult and Graduate Studies Criminal Justice program today.