Turn Your RN into a BSN Degree & See the Country as a Travel Nurse

turn-your-RN-into-a-BSN-and-see-the-world-as-a-travel-nurseNo matter what type of nursing experience you have, your professional skills are needed somewhere in the country. Travel nursing is a unique way to bring your expertise to the places you are needed most and to see the country while you practice your profession.

How Does Travel Nursing Work?

When a hospital or other health care facility experiences a temporary nursing shortage, they often turn to a nationwide pool of qualified, experienced nurses who are willing to come to their location and work for an agreed-upon period of time. A number of staffing agencies (such as Fastaff and Nurses Rx) employ nurses who are willing to take these short-term jobs, and the agency matches the skills and location preferences of its nurses with job openings as they arise. Typically a job will last 13 weeks, but assignments can range between about 8 and 26 weeks. Because of the relocation involved, travel nurses’ compensation often includes reimbursement for housing costs, and the staffing agency provides its nurses with health insurance, retirement accounts and other benefits.

Why a BSN is Important for Travel Nursing

While a travel nursing agency might allow you to sign up for their services if you’re an RN with an associate degree, the fact is that most clinics and hospitals now require all newly hired (or temporary) nurses to have Bachelor of Nursing degrees. Travel nursing positions are highly competitive, due to their flexibility and compensation, and staffing agencies have far greater success in placing nurses who hold BSN degrees. Furthermore, many job openings are in hospital departments such as cardiac care, neonatal intensive care, trauma units, and similar high-intensity settings. These positions require skilled specialists with one or more years of experience in that exact field, and a BSN is usually needed in order to acquire that level of expertise.

Do you Feel Called to Become a Travel Nurse?

Success at travel nursing requires more than the right education and experience; you also need to have certain personal qualities as well. You’re a good candidate for this field of nursing if you have an easy time meeting new people and adapting to new work environments. If you tend to choose spontaneity over predictability, and you don’t have family obligations that require your continuous presence in a particular location, this exciting nursing specialty might be a perfect fit for you. Travel nursing allows you to take time off between assignments, and to gain experience providing care in many different types of settings.

Whether you’re interested in travel nursing for a few adventurous years or as a long-term way of life, Colorado Christian University College of Adult and Graduate Studies will provide you with the opportunity to study online with other working RNs to earn the BSN degree you need for this exciting specialty.