5 Family Friendly Ideas for Spring Break!

5-family-friendly-ideas-for-spring-breakAt the Colorado Christian University College of Adult and Graduate Studies, you may find it challenging to balance your life as a student, as a professional and as a parent. You have a lot on your plate, and family time is probably a rare and special occasion for you. With spring break finally on the horizon, it’s time to start planning a week of fun for you and your family. These spring break ideas for families will help you figure out the best activities for your family this year.

5 Family Friendly Ideas for Spring Break

  1. Check out a local museum. Perhaps you and your family have a local favorite that you like to visit, or maybe there’s a place that you’ve been dying to check out for a while. Spending the day at a local museum gives you the chance to create a fun family day out that promotes education, good values and wholesome entertainment.
  2. Attend a new campus event. There are many events on the CCU College of Adult and Graduate Studies Campus that are perfect for families who are looking for a good time during spring break. For instance, you might be interested in enjoying a concert or a play put on by your fellow students.
  3. Visit a favorite park and enjoy some time outdoors with your family. The fresh air will allow you to focus better once you return to classes the next week, and your family will appreciate the one-on-one time that they get to spend with you.
  4. Travel to a city that no one in your family has visited before. Think of it as an adventure for everybody, as you explore the sights, try new food and take plenty of photos in order to preserve the memories being made.
  5. Plan a family game night. Spring break doesn’t have to involve spending tons of money and time away from home. Round everyone up for a fun family game night for something different.

At CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies, we recognize that you are trying to build a better future for you and your family. We want to remind our students — many of whom are parents — to take this chance to spend extra time with your families while you have free time from your studies. This gives you the chance to bond with one another, to laugh together and to make memories that will last a lifetime. Make this year’s spring break one that you won’t soon forget.