5 Things Successful Nursing Students Do … and How!

5-things-successful-nurses-do-and-howNursing is one of the most rewarding careers available to people who are interested in medicine and health, as well as heaping others heal both physically and emotionally. The satisfaction and sense of fulfillment received from caring for others when they genuinely need support and compassion can only be experienced working as nurse or other professional in the health and medical industry.

As a Colorado Christian University College of Adults and Graduate Studies student looking forward to an exhilarating nursing career, you have probably wondered if there was anything more you could do to successfully complete your nursing program.

Here are five motivational tips that can help you achieve your goal and perhaps make nursing school a little less stressful.

1. Join or start a study group.

Obtaining a nursing degree involves real-world experience and memorizing a vast amount of information about human anatomy, medicine, disease and protocol. Studying with a group gives you the opportunity to be quizzed by others (a great way to remember answers to test questions) while discussing difficult to understand subjects with someone who may have a better grasp of the topic.

2. Don’t Forget About the “Outside” World

It is easy to become so focused that nothing else enters your mind but studying, reading and passing examinations. While remaining goal-oriented is important to your success, take the time to maintain contact with family, friends and especially, God. Remember He has a plan for you, and while at times you might not understand it, but it certainly doesn’t include burning yourself out!

3. Be Mindful of Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health

Continue to be physically active, avoid eating too much junk food and get eight hours of sleep every night. Take care to maintain your spiritual health as well. Reading the Bible, praying, or talking to your pastor are 3 ways that will keep you connected to your spirituality while going through stressful periods of your life.

4. Manage Time WISELY!

If you tend to procrastinate or become forgetful while trying to do too many things, begin your day by making a list of tasks you need to complete. If you need to detail your tasks down to the hour, go ahead and do that. Crossing off each task as you complete it gives you a solid sense of accomplishment, especially when you’ve crossed off that last task at the end of the day! Remember to allot enough time between tasks so finishing them on time doesn’t make you anxious.

5. When the Going Gets Tough….

Remember that your family, friends and God want you to succeed in earning your nursing degree. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, whether it is a shoulder to cry on or a prayer request.