Earning a Master’s of Business Administration in an Online World

earning-a-masters-of-business-administration-in-an-online-worldToday’s business environment is more competitive than ever. To be successful, you need an advanced education and impressive credentials. Pursuing an online MBA degree program allows you to fit your education into your busy life.

An MBA on Your Schedule

When you study online, your instructor and courses are as close as your computer. Coursework, instructor presentations, student discussions and assignments can all be viewed 24 hours a day. Whether you are able to study early in the morning before work or late at night, you can be assured that you are not missing out on valuable learning opportunities.

You can take your laptop with you when you travel, allowing you to keep up with your studies no matter where you are. And, online coursework means that you can fit your studies around family and work obligations.

Courses are completed in 7-week blocks, meaning that you get a concentrated learning experience. If studying full-time, you can complete your MBA in as little as two years.

Valuable Connections

Colorado Christian University’s online programs connect you with highly qualified instructors and students from all over the world. You can log on and engage in stimulating discussions with your classmates, which enhances your education and helps you feel connected to a vibrant community.

Our multi-cultural leadership program allows you the opportunity to travel overseas for in-person study of effective business practices from around the world. You will leave our program a more well-rounded and aware individual with experiences that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Versatile Studies

CCU’s program allows you to choose from a number of emphases for your MBA. You can pursue a general MBA or choose instead to concentrate your studies in areas that empasize Project Management, Information Security, Advanced Accounting and Corporate Training. By picking the program that best fits your interests and experience, you can get a degree that allows you to become highly trained in specialized fields.

Additionally, CCU’s MBA program allows you to study business through the lens of your Christian faith. Our program incorporates the idea of “servant leadership” to allow you to explore the ways you can lead others in a business environment in a way that is consistent with Christ’s love.