MBA vs. MOL: Which is Right for You?

mba-vs-mol-which-is-right-for-meThe Master of Business Administration (MBA) is generally regarded as the hallmark of post-secondary education. But is an MBA program right for you? Often, prospective graduate students interested in fulfilling leadership roles find that they are better suited to a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, or MOL. The MBA and MOL hold much in common, such as an emphasis on organizational strategy and business management. For most students, prior education proves the main determining factor in the MBA vs. MOL debate; MBA programs tend to best fit students with related undergraduate degrees, while MOL is suited to a broader base.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA is primarily designed for students who hope to enter managerial positions within the corporate sector. MBA students learn about a wide array of topics deemed essential for success in the business world, including marketing, human resources and accounting. Courses covering these subjects and others tend to be technical and fast-paced, which is why students with background knowledge of business-related concepts tend to find more success in MBA programs. Course load also must be taken into account, as the MBA program within Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies includes a total of 39 required credit hours.

Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership

Students seeking to apply empirically-based organization strategy to such issues as education, immigration, health care and the environment can benefit greatly from enrolling in the MOL program through CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies. This course of study emphasizes current social issues, demonstrating how key Christian concepts can be utilized in order to improve a vast range of organizational systems. Because of the broader base applied to organizational leadership studies, students with backgrounds not related to business or marketing may find it easier to adapt to the MOL program’s required courses than to those tied to the MBA. Slightly less extensive than the MBA program at CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies, an MOL degree requires 36 credit hours and can be completed within two years.

As you continue to explore the prospect of a MBA vs. MOL degree, you’ll want to carefully think about where you’ve been — and where you’re headed. If you possess an undergraduate degree in accounting and the desire to work in a managerial capacity, an MBA is your best bet. If, however, your undergraduate degree and your future career encapsulates a broader focus, you may prefer the MOL approach.