Old School: Will Childhood Learning Techniques Work as an Adult?

march-ccu-2014-old-school-will-childhood-learning-techniques-work-as-an-adultColorado Christian University offers dozens of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to support adult higher education through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS).  To get the most out of your college education at CCU, know that the adult learning techniques required for a successful college career are not quite the same as the learning process you remember from grade school.  These three key differences between child and adult learning techniques will help you navigate the transition back to school and get the most out of your college education at CCU.


You’re the Boss

The first major difference between a child in school and an adult pursuing higher education is the choice to learn.  Adults return to school because they actively choose to learn and grow, while children are required to attend class.  Since the adult learner is solely responsible for his or her education, motivation is an important factor in the learning process.  As an adult student, set clear goals to help you stay motivated. This might be as simple as putting notes on your bathroom mirror or getting involved with classmates pursing the same goals.  If you are focused and conscious of why you are learning, you are much more likely to retain information, keeping you on track toward the future you want.


It’s all Relative
Adult students bring much more life experience to the classroom than a child does. That’s a great advantage where learning is concerned, because adult students can relate the knowledge discussed in the classroom to their own experiences.  When you’re learning new information, look for ways to apply the concepts to situations in your work or personal history to help you remember the important ideas.  By attaching classroom discussions to your personal story, you’ll truly understand the lessons and be able to apply them in your own life.


Your Secret to Success

It goes without saying that adult students have far more responsibilities in and out of the classroom than children do.  Dedicating enough time to study requires discipline and the right environment; and learning how to learn is an important technique on its own.  Set yourself up for success with a regular study time and location where you can focus. You’ll learn better by taking practical steps to plan study times and deadlines in advance, minimizing the stress and distraction that comes from a hectic schedule.


Adult learning techniques are different from those of young students, but with these tips and classes specifically designed for the adult learner, CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies will help you create a successful future in the classroom and the workplace.