CCU: Making Military Education Easier Through the SOC Consortium

CCU-making-military-education-easier-through-the-SOC-consortiumAccessibility is important to any university student, especially for those in the military. Realizing these unique needs created by a military career and lifestyle, CCU elected to work in conjunction with military base education services staff members to ensure that opportunities are offered allowing military members to reach their educational goals. Colorado Christian University’s affiliation with the SOC Consortium¬†helps pave the way toward accessible education for military students with an eye on the future. Our flexible schedules cater to adult students with changing work shifts and full-time jobs who may also be required to move or deploy on short notice.

Our programs are part of the educational opportunities at:

  • United States Air Force Academy, Colorado
  • Fort Carson, Colorado
  • Buckley AFB, Colorado
  • Shriever AFB, Colorado
  • Peterson AFB (including 302nd Wing), Colorado
  • FE Warren AFB, Wyoming

Obtain the Assistance and Recognition You Need in Higher Education
A great many benefits are offered to military students¬†through CCU and the SOC Consortium. Our adult and graduate studies programs offer financial assistance, including reduced rate tuition. These special rates are available to National Guard and Reserve students, active military members and adult dependents. Reduced rate tuition is equal to Military Tuition Assistance per course, meaning that there’s no out-of-pocket for most students. Exceptions include pre-licensed nursing classes and course fees.

The process of qualifying for tuition assistance is simple, and CCU offers adult education and graduate military students help with the process. Likewise, it’s possible to receive undergraduate credit for the time you spent in Basic Training, as well as from formal education opportunities obtained while in service with the US Armed Forces. In fact, it’s possible you may have already accumulated transfer credit on your documented transcript from AARTS (Army), CCAF (Air Force) and SMARTS (Navy/Marines).

SOC Consortium Options for Recruited Military Members
The SOC Consortium, or Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges, is a vital part of the educational opportunities provided by CCU. We recognize the value of higher education for our military personnel and want to match your commitment to God and your country with our commitment toward your future. Our goal is to offer flexible opportunities and continue working with you and base education personnel so that your dream of completing adult education or graduate studies can become a reality. We look forward to serving you and your educational needs.