It’s Official: Nursing is Among the Top Rated Jobs of 2014

its-official-nursing-is-one-of-2014s-top-rated-careersThis year, the numbers prove that healthcare, particularly nursing, is one of the top-rated jobs for both demand and salary.  U.S. News calls the industry a “barn-burner” profession, with over half a million new positions opening up this year alone.  In the article published in January of this year titled, “The Best Jobs of 2014,” the publication cited not only major job growth at a rate of between 19.4% and 25%, but also a high median salary at $89,960 for a nurse practitioner.

With the healthcare reforms happening across the country, nurses’ roles are becoming more and more involved and dynamic as they are trained to have more responsibility for patients, such as performing exams and in some cases, writing prescriptions. There are nearly 40 different types of jobs that fall under the category of “healthcare,” and there are several different types of nurses.


The CCU Nursing Degree Program


All of the growth, opportunity, and income statistics from U.S. News make a degree in nursing a wise investment, and Colorado Christian University is one of the leading nursing schools in the state, with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree offered through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies.

CCU’s goal is to train up a generation of strong nursing leaders with high standards of integrity and compassion in all fields of medicine.  To cater to the needs of busy students, CCU operates two BSN program options: an online BSN for current RN’s to complete their BSN training at their own convenience without commuting to class.

The second option is the hallmark CCU pre-licensure program, which includes theory, laboratory, and simulation and clinical learning.  The pre-licensure BSN involves 87 credit hours specifically dedicated to biological sciences and nursing for a top-quality, well-rounded training program.


At CCU, BSN students have the option to take specialty elective courses in their personal areas of interest like Critical Care, Homecare, Perioperative Care, or Palliative Care.  You might be surprised by all the top-rated job options that a degree in nursing offers! Explore a top-rated job field with a nursing degree from CCU by emailing or calling our admissions staff at 303-963-3311.