What to Expect from a Master of Arts in Counseling Online Program

mac-online-program-ccuMaster of Arts in Counseling at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies is a great degree that will help you serve a great purpose. With this degree, you’ll be able to enter the world of professional counseling, enabling you to help people with the issues they face in everyday life. The online nature of this program enables you to complete most of the coursework online, meaning that you only have to leave the comfort of your home for seminars, three residential trainings and your internship.

One of the best features of the CCU College of Adults and Graduate Students Counseling program is its focus on Christian values. In addition to conventional counseling techniques, you’ll learn how to apply the virtues of Jesus Christ in all of your work. This will give you a unique perspective as you go forward with your career, enabling you to better serve the community as a whole.

The Master of Arts in Counseling online program is 60 credits in length, which can be completed in two and a half years. The classes are taken in three cohort semesters that run in spring, summer and fall. Online classes can be taken at any time, although in-person classes are only offered on nights and weekends. Students have the ability to switch between on-campus classes and online classes; however, due to the cohort nature of both programs, an official switch application must be filed by the student.

Online MAC students must complete four credits of residency requirements. These are three separate five-day stays at the CCU Lakewood Campus. These residencies give you the opportunity to learn in a different environment; you’ll also have the chance to meet other students face-to-face and discuss the lessons you’re learning from the program.

The program also requires 700 hours of real-world counseling experience. Of these 700 hours, 100 hours is practicum and 600 hours is an internship at the designated site of your choice. The internship is a great way for you to define the direction you’d like your career to take. As you gain experience, you’ll grow as a counselor and you’ll find out if there’s a specific niche in which you want to focus as a professional.

Completing the online MAC program does not automatically make you a licensed counselor. It gets you to the point that you’re ready to take the National Counselor Exam. Once you successfully pass the exam, you’ll move to supervised counseling. The requirement for supervised counseling differs in each state; for Colorado, the requirement is 2,000 hours. After you complete these requirements, you’ll officially be a licensed counselor! Congratulations!