Learning in Grace: CCU in Top 25 Most Beautiful Christian Colleges

CCU-25-most-beautiful-campuses-2 Pursuing a graduate degree or any form of higher education as an adult is a lifestyle choice. You’ll balance school with work and family commitments, so you have to be especially careful when choosing the right program.

The Beauty of Education

CCU never compromises on the quality of our Christian education and faculty, but we also try to create a holistic learning environment that includes beauty, because you should be able to enjoy and thrive in your lifestyle choice to pursue higher education. In fact, Christian Universities Online named our attractive, inviting campus one of the 25 Most Beautiful Christian Universities in the entire country!

The Beauty of Colorado

May-CCU-beautiful-collegeThe list of beautiful Christian colleges spans school from coast to coast, but our Lakewood campus is particularly noted for its location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, quiet neighborhood, and grounds.

Winding paths pass through the fully landscaped campus, which even includes a tranquil pond.The unique domed and oval architectural features of the academic buildings are highlights of the campus, but even the on-campus housing is designed to blend in seamlessly with the city architecture that surrounds it.

The Beauty of Community

Beauty of Community CCUAs a graduate or adult student, the relaxing environment is a positive place to learn and study despite a busy schedule of school, work, and family. And as a beautiful Christian college, CCU isn’t just a place for your personal academic needs — we are a family-oriented community with a range of activities for you and your loved ones. They are an important part of supporting you along the way to a degree!

Our Music Center holds regular concerts and performances ranging from choir and classical to jazz music. Holidays at CCU mean family time, with great activities and programs that the whole family can enjoy along with your fellow friends in the CCU student body.

Visit the beautiful Colorado Christian University Campus by scheduling a walk through today.