The Payoff of Higher Education – Beyond a Higher Paycheck

IMoney Isnt Everythingn a world where so many decisions are made solely by consulting the bottom line, it’s tempting to think that increased income potential is the only reason to pursue higher education.

But the truth is, for many, that isn’t always the case.

In fact, some of the most important benefits of higher education will never show up on a bank statement or a balance sheet.

Higher Education Builds Personal Capacity

Pursuing and earning a degree forces you to stretch yourself, learn, and become a more agile thinker. Those experiences don’t go away once you have your degree in hand. On the job, in your personal ministry, and within your own family, the capacity you’ve built through your studies to examine complex problems, formulate solutions, and act upon them will enable you to take on bigger challenges and achieve better results.

Higher Education is a Seedbed for Your Professional Network

Online or in the classroom, no student experiences college alone; you also forge relationships with your instructors, professionals working in your chosen field, and other students. The value of these relationships can last a lifetime, empowering you to get important things done, find help while conquering your toughest obstacles, and learning about the best opportunities.

Building your personal capacity and nurturing professional network point to a third value that is, unfortunately, not brought up often enough in discussions about higher education: Choice.

Earning a College Degree Increases Your Vocational Choices

Sometimes that means choosing to pursue the highest paying job available, but not always.It might also mean forgoing the best salary and using your newly-minted professional skills to start a nonprofit or ministry to address an issue near to your heart. It could mean taking those skills and putting them to work in the family business, or deciding to dedicate your professional life to advancing a field you’re passionate about. Without a degree, the ability to choose exactly how you want to impact the world may remain out of reach.

Higher Education Allows You to Navigate Life

Students sometimes wonder why degrees require coursework that seems unrelated to their chosen field. The traditional answer is that those classes make you a well-rounded person. But the answer goes deeper than that. By reading, studying, and discussing the best of what’s been thought and said—and, in the case of a distinctly Christian educational institution—examining those things in light of what the Bible has to say—your ability to understand the world and make better decisions in every area of life is enhanced.

According to many studies, pursuing higher education leads to higher earning potential as a professional. Applying at CCU/CAGS is the first step towards making that happen. But remember, earning a higher degree reaches much further than just deep into your pockets.

  • Britta Johnson

    I have been thinking and considering becoming a Chrisitan Counselor for years. I am 48 years old and grandmother of (2) now. I take care of my little grandchildren while their mom works and goes to school. I would need to do the online classes and it might take me awhile to accomplish, but I know it can be done. Would you refer me to the right directory or person to talk to, to see what I would need to do to get started? I would also need financial assistance. While all this initially sounds like a lot to tackle, I know nothing is impossible with God, especially if I am doing his will.