CCU: Ranked #3 Online Health Care Administration Degree Program

HCA #3Students fortunate enough to study health care administration at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies already understand the value of incorporating faith into the classroom, especially as it relates to the always changing realm of health care.

Now, those outside of CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies are also learning of the benefits of such an approach, thanks to a ranking that marked CCU’s online health care administration degree program as number three in the nation. The program was recommended as part of a top ten ranking provided by The Best Schools, a prominent career and education resource.

Benefits Of Studying Health Care Administration At CCU’s College Of Adult And Graduate Studies

It’s no wonder the online health care administration program at CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) received such a noteworthy distinction from The Best Schools. This program prepares students for successful careers in the thriving field of health care, teaching them the diverse range of skills they’ll need to obtain employment and achieve excellence in their everyday work. All the while, students learn how their faith can help them provide better service as professionals in the health care industry.

This online program is also unique in that it offers students the unique opportunity to pursue their passion while maintaining lives outside of school. This is an ideal route for the working student, particularly anybody eager to take his or her career in a new direction.

Health Care Administration: Online Program Requirements

In order to ensure that graduates are well prepared for work in the health care industry, the online health care administration program at CCU’s CAGS requires enrolled students to take a vast array of in-depth courses, all of which are designed to spark a deeper understanding of health care administration. Students first learn the basics of the industry, including concepts related to anatomy, health care terminology and informatics. From there, they continue on to human resources, as dealing with other people is an everyday requirement in health care. A thorough study of health care law and regulations must also take place, as it is essential for students to conduct their careers in keeping with legal standards.

Once students have achieved a strong understanding of basic health care concepts, they are asked to dig deeper, examining the myriad of ways in which spirituality impacts health care. This process may include an in-depth study of ethics in health care, with students asked to reflect on how they intend to approach difficult situations in which their faith is tested. Although such courses may initially seem challenging, they ultimately turn aspiring health care workers into honest, hardworking and competent professionals.

The combination of rigorous study and spiritual understanding offered through the health care administration program at CCU’s CAGS exemplifies the institution’s commitment to faith in both academic and career-oriented pursuits. For the opportunity to prepare yourself for a fulfilling career in health care administration, consider applying for the College of Adults and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University!