Colorado Christian University: Leading the Future for 100 Years

CCU 19141914: Two students, One teacher

What was then known as the Denver Bible Institute certainly wasn’t a large or impressive school, but with a persistent dedication to grace and truth, this modest school became a true four-year college by 1945.

At that time, the Denver Bible College had three academic schools: the College of Liberal Arts, the Theological School, and the Bible Institute. Four years later, the college grew again as the Rockmont College, the name change accompanying the founding of a new school called the Western Bible Institute.

All of the way up until 1985, these two schools were separate, and not what you would recognize as the Colorado Christian University of today. But throughout the 1980s, the need for a strong, stable Christian university in Colorado became clear, prompting Rockmont College, the Western Bible Institute, and Colorado Baptist University to merge by the end of the decade to form a bastion of Christian education influencing the entire state and beyond.

After 100 years in the making, Colorado Christian University still rests on its founding principles of grace and truth to train up the nearly 3,000 graduate and undergraduate students.

2013: CCU, College of Distinction

colorado-christian-university-2014For the 2013-2014 academic year CCU has been named a College of Distinction for our coursework that prepares students for promising careers, our variety of learning experiences and options, and opportunities for personal development alongside educational achievements.

Great teaching, a vibrant community, and successful post-grad outcomes are all a part of earning the College of Distinction title, and they are all areas where CCU has excelled for the past century.

At CCU, we are always striving to grow in Christ and provide high-quality education through our faculty and staff.

For 100 years, we have trained Godly men and women to pioneer new fields with degree programs in industries that didn’t even exist when the school was founded, like our new CIS degree program. Because of our high standards, we continue to set the bar higher each year.

Whether you’re looking for a college to help you complete your educational goals or already a student here at CCU; we welcome you to our Christ-focused community and are excited to share all of the resources and opportunities that make us a College of Distinction!