Congratulations to Colorado Christian University’s Class of 2014

may-2014-cags-graduationThe dedicated students enrolled in Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies have worked hard to fulfill the rigorous requirements of their respective academic programs and are now eager to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

First, however, it is only right that they celebrate their accomplishments thus far — and they will have the opportunity to do just that at the Colorado Christian University commencement ceremony¬†for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS).

When And Where

The commencement ceremonies for students enrolled in CAGS at CCU will take place on Saturday, May 10, between 10 am and 12:15 pm.

Graduates and their loved ones will gather at the Cherry Hills Community Church to celebrate their academic accomplishments. Although the ceremony does not begin until 10 am, students should plan to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 am to allow plenty of time for preparations.

Tickets and Parking Spaces 

There are no official tickets issued for the CCU CAGS commencement ceremony. That being said, students are asked to limit the number of invitees to six guests or fewer. This will ensure that all invited guests are able to comfortably enjoy the event.

Guests are asked to be considerate of others when the doors open at 9: 00 am and avoid the temptation to save seats.

When planning arrival times, guests should take parking into consideration. Although ample parking can be found in the lots surrounding Cherry Hills Community Church, it may take some time to travel from guests’ parking spots to the actual ceremony. A limited number of handicapped parking spaces are also available, although even these will require some amount of travel time.

Online Viewing of The Commencement Ceremony

Graduation is an important accomplishment, but unfortunately, not all friends and family members are able to be there for this special moment. Fortunately, there is an alternative option available to those unable to attend in person; a live stream of the ceremony will be available online on the day of the ceremony. Graduates are encouraged to notify loved ones unable to attend the ceremony of this viable alternative.

Anne D. Neal: Honored Commencement Speaker

No graduation ceremony is complete without an inspiring commencement speaker, which is why graduates and their guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a rousing speech from Anne D. Neal, co-founder of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. Neal is a proud champion of higher education reform. She recognizes the CCU CAGS Class of 2014 as capable of changing the world for the better and will encourage graduates to do just that.

The Colorado Christian University College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers an excellent opportunity for graduates and their loved ones to celebrate their incredible accomplishments while surrounded by a supportive spiritual community before setting out on their respective journeys.

Congratulations CCU CAGS Class of 2014!

  • Nina

    Hello, I am an online student from Grand Junction, CO. I was wondering if they have a graduation ceremony in Grand Junction for CCU students or not?
    Thank you,

    • Lauren

      Hi Nina! I wanted to let you know that I am looking in to your question and will let you know soon!

    • Lauren

      Hi Nina,

      There is one commencement for all students, normally in and around the Denver area. We certainly understand that not everyone can make it, and quite a few students enjoy traveling from Grand Junction or other locations around the country for it. We have it in May every year, and here is a link to more info:

      • Thanks for the link!

        • CCU – CAGS

          You’re welcome! We hope you had (or will have!) a wonderful graduation.