Dress (Your Voice) for Success: Ace Your Phone Interview!

Dress-Your-Voice-for-SuccessAt CCU, we know firsthand how much hard work you put into earning your degree. We want you to see the reward for your efforts by helping you find a promising job and start a successful, fulfilling career. Our Career Development staff is dedicated to helping you plan your future and get the interviews you need to start a career after school. When you do land an interview, these three tips will give you the confidence boost in a phone interview to impress the hiring manager.

1. Make It Real

The interview may be happening on the phone where the interviewer can’t see you or your room (although Skype interviews aren’t uncommon these days!), but if you want to prepare for a phone interview like a pro, you should pretend the interview is happening in-person. Choose a quiet room with a desk or table; it’s important to sit up straight so you can take notes. To get your confidence to come across in your voice, dress professionally — when you feel good about yourself it will shine through and the interviewer can’t help but notice your positive energy.

2. Sing an Opera

Well, maybe not a whole opera, but it is important to exercise your voice before speaking on the phone. If your voice is all the interviewer will know about you, the last thing you want is a persistent cough, a crack in your voice, or anything less than an upbeat, cheerful, professional tone. Before the call, drink water or tea, and talk or sing to yourself for a few minutes (no else has to listen!) so your voice is as alert and ready as you are.

3. Know Your Plan

This applies to any interview you ever give. To prepare for a phone interview, just like an in-person interview, do your research on the company, have thoughtful questions ready in advance, and know the answers to commonly asked questions regarding your education and experience. Showing the interviewer that you’re prepared and knowledgeable about the company demonstrates your attention to detail and will lead to a more productive phone call since you already know the basics. Combine these tips from CCU’s Career Development with your hard earned degree, and you’ll be well on your way to acing the phone interview with your strong education and professional interviewing skills.