7 Job Alternatives for MAC Degree Holders

job-opportunites-for-MAC-holdersWhen the term “counseling” is heard, often times a mental image of a long, red chair and an hour of soulful talking comes to mind; however, counseling is so much more than that! If you have been looking into a MAC degree (Masters of Arts in Counseling), but you fear monotony with this type of degree, don’t leave your dream behind. By getting a degree in counseling, you actually broaden your opportunities for a variety of jobs. Here are seven rewarding places to go with your degree.

Career Counselor

Even though “counselor” is in the title, you may not have considered helping young adults discover their goals.


Similar to career counseling, as a teacher in either in a traditional classroom with daily student-teacher interaction or online (where you’ll have the freedom to live anywhere and work on a flexible schedule), you can help students grow and pursue their dreams.

Counseling Specialist

Within counseling, you can choose to specialize in a specific area that interests you, and there are many more options than just marriage or family counseling. Mental health, child abuse, and substance addiction are just a few of the ways you can get involved with patients.

Advertising Specialist

Because you know how people think and react to different events and stimuli, you’ll be equipped to help build marketing and ad campaigns that get the right kind of attention!

Forensic Profiler

This job always throws a new curve at you everyday, as you work with law enforcement to understand how criminals think and behave to bring justice and prevent crime.

Non-profit Worker

If you’re a philanthropist at heart, counseling services are always in demand within the non-profit sector. Hospitals need help caring for patients in traumatic situations, and social workers diligently help orphans and other under-represented citizens get the help they deserve.

Military Advocate/Counselor

Assisting our troops, who sacrifice their lives for our freedom, is a noble calling. Counseling for service members and their families before, during, and after deployments can make a difficult situation bearable, thanks in part to your compassionate service.

Whether you have been hesitant about the degree because you pictured it as one specific job, or simply have not known where to start, take a look into CCU’s program.Our degree page can answer any further questions you may have and cleanly lines out the details of obtaining a MAC degree. Recognize that counseling offers many degree options and you may be a step away from doing what you truly love.

  • Laura Bennett

    You answered so quickly! I’m at the point of deciding to pursue either a Masters in Counseling degree or Masters in Social Work. I’ve thought about working as a case worker for foster kids (MSW). Do you offer that degree? I have a lot of experience working with case workers from the perspective of a foster mom. Could I get both degrees to broaden my options? I don’t think I want to be a career counselor, but the area of substance addiction sounds interesting. Working as a Forensic Profiler sounds interesting, too.