A Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice: Beyond the Police Academy

a-bachelors-in-criminal-justice-beyond-the-police-academyIf you are looking for an exciting career path with many options, a bachelor in criminal justice might be your passport to success.

A degree in criminal justice can open a world of opportunity, excitement, and intrigue in career areas beyond the police academy. A bachelor in criminal justice does, of course, open the doors open to the best police departments across the nation. Some departments only require only a high school diploma for consideration, but degrees always make a candidate much more desirable and able to command a higher wage.

But the opportunity does not stop there!

7 Exciting Career Paths for Those with a Degree in Criminal Justice

FBI If breaking up crime rings and solving big cases sounds exciting, you will be glad to know that a bachelor in criminal justice opens the door to jobs with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI agents might fight terrorism, cyber-crime, counterintelligence, drug trafficking, kidnapping, piracy or other violations that will have you in the thick of law enforcement.

Secret Service Most people that dream of a job in law enforcement consider the possibility of becoming a Secret Service agent. Secret Service agents conduct investigations in counterfeiting and other financial crimes, as well protect the president, former presidents, vice presidents, and other officials. It’s an exciting and demanding job that starts with a 4 year degree.

Border Protection Working in tandem with the U.S Customs, Border Protection Agents work to prevent smuggling, terrorism, and unlawful entry into the united States. It is the first and most important barrier in the prevention of drug trafficking.

Housing and Urban Development A special agent working with HUD could expect to investigate areas such as bid rigging, bribes, fraud, conflicts of interest, and abuse of HUD programs.  Agents have the opportunity to work at locations throughout the United States, work with other areas of law enforcement, and use advanced technologies to fight crimes.

Drug Enforcement Agency Get your degree in criminal justice and you can work for the government’s top federal drug law enforcement agency enforcing controlled substance laws and regulations.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Another door that opens to those with a bachelor in criminal justice is the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. The ATF investigates violations relating to explosives, arson, firearms, alcohol, and tobacco.

Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigator A little known career opportunity for those holding a degree in Criminal Justice is with the IRS, supporting the government fighting financial crimes. A degree in criminal justice is about much more than the opportunities in the police department.

It is about opening doors in a vast area of criminal justice interest, increasing earning potential, and the opportunity to support your community.