From Teacher to Student: Summer Programs for Teachers at CCU

from-teacher-to-student-summer-programs-for-teachers-at-ccuAh, summer break! That magical time when our country’s hardest working professionals get to kick back and take a well-deserved rest. Or perhaps you’d rather get a leg-up on the coming year? Our summer programs for teachers at Colorado Christian University’ Collge of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) will help you to become the best teacher you can be!

Continuing your education, receiving additional training, and finding new ways to engage your students is a wonderful summer investment. Working on a certificate or Masters degree means better classrooms, happier students, a more thriving community, and let’s not forget, higher pay! Earning a master’s degree in education could mean a $9000 pay raise, while endorsements and certifications boost your resume while they sharpen your teaching skills.

Whether you’re looking at private or public teaching, a classroom or an administrator’s office, CAGS will steer you where you want to go. Our small class sizes, evening and weekend courses, and online options ensure that furthering your education is personal and convenient.

Look at some of the degrees and certifications you can begin working towards right now:


Online Course Developer Certificate

There’s no doubt about it – this is a wired world. Government, commerce, communication itself has been changed by it, and so has teaching. Our Online Course Developer Certificate will let you fully embrace this new world. In just nine credit hours, you’ll have the savvy to supplement classroom instruction with the latest in educational technology and research. Learn to integrate the physical with the digital, a boon in any of today’s scholastic or administrative settings in one of our hottest and most relevant summer programs for teachers!


Special Education Generalist Endorsement

For those who desire the challenges and unique rewards of special needs teaching, CCU offers this Specialist Education Generalist Endorsement from the Colorado Department of Education. Our 24 credit hour program will prepare you to teach students with learning disabilities using nurturing, individualized, and compassionate techniques. Special education teaching isn’t an easy career path, but we’re very proud to help anyone called to accept the challenge.


The Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction (MACI)

Whether you want to be a K-12 educator, an administrator, or a college instructor, nothing gets you ahead like a master’s degree. Let CCU’s MACI program be your ticket, starting with our summer programs for teachers. Everything you need to polish off your professional pedigree and marketability is here. The coursework can be completed in as little as 18 months, and CCU’s ample online, evening, and weekend course offerings will accommodate even the busiest of schedules.


These are just some of the summer programs for teachers we offer. Ready to hear about more? Visit CCU CAGS today!