Online Summer Courses at CCU: Summer School Done Right

summer school done rightSo you’re on the fence about summer courses. Getting a boost in your studies sounds good, but how to make it work?

Do summer programs offer enough class choices for your area of study? Are they personal and attentive enough? Are they convenient for the busy parent, the career climber, the reluctant commuter? Does the school align with your values?

Colorado Christian University may be able to settle the matter for you. By pursuing your education through our online summer courses, you save time without sacrificing value. But how?



Many enjoy a traditional classroom, and with seven campuses around the state we’re very accommodating. But suppose you don’t want to make the commute. Are you forced to halt your education over the summer?

Of the 57 degrees, endorsements, certificates, and minors available at CCU, 49 have online components! That means that you’ll almost certainly find something among our online summer courses to supplement your studies.


The Personal Touch

Don’t online courses have a reputation for being massive and impersonal? Not at CCU.

Here we work on the cohort model of learning- small class sizes, familiar faces, and smiling camaraderie throughout your time here. The cohort structure produces more graduates than a conventional college model, and it’s all due to the care and attention our students receive.



There are few cooler things than going to class in your pajamas. If you’ve never experienced the freedom of online summer courses, you may find it suits you very nicely. Work at your own pace and on your own schedule, slippers and all!  



CCU doesn’t just teach- we nurture. Rigorous academics and the Word go hand-in-hand here. Our mission is to simultaneously cultivate knowledge and the love of God in a Christ-centered community.

That means we want more than an education for you. We want to foster opportunities for you to lead, to serve, and to embody the character and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Convenience, excellence, and inspiration- that’s what our online summer courses can offer you. Ready to embark on your summer adventure? Visit us and begin today!