RN to BSN at CCU: Your Career Path Toward a Faith Based Hospital

rn-to-bsn-ccu-your-career-path-toward-a-faith-based-hospitalFor those thinking about furthering their education through an RN to BSN degree with a goal of working in a faith based hospital, there are many things to consider. Adult learners want flexibility and online accessibility to accommodate their already busy lives.

Those that want to build a career in a faith-filled atmosphere also want an option that connects them to more than an exceptional education. They want an education that connects them to the mission.

Colorado Christian University’s online RN to BSN degree completion program is designed for busy adults that want access to faith based higher education their way. Designed for working RN, CCU’s RN to BSN degree classes are taken one at a time in a five-week online format. Students work at their own pace and complete courses around their own schedule.

Students study and network with Christian colleagues from around the nation while completing evidence-based curriculum. The CCU program integrates faith, emphasizing Christian nursing theory, to prepare nurses for leadership positions within the healthcare industry.

Connecting to the Faith-Based Mission

Every health institution’s goal is to work tirelessly to heal and care for patients. It is a goal in which every healthcare professional invests their lives. What makes working in a faith-based hospital different is the ability to connect their skill to the single, unifying mission of serving a higher purpose.

CCU’s RN to BSN helps students connect all of the practical and academic components of healthcare to a deep commitment to the patients and to Christ. CCU offers nationally recognized Christian nurse faculties that help prepare students for the rigors of working in any healthcare institution. The RN to BSN degree provides students with greater opportunity of service and the ability to explore options in teaching, research, and management.

For many, faith is the core of their life and the motivation behind all that they do. CCU’s RN to BSN program integrates exceptional training and faith-based principles to prepare students for providing care that exceeds standards, and goes beyond commitment and compassion.