The Call to Heal: M.A. in Counseling at Grand Junction

Master of Arts Counseling apply by July 1The Calling

For years you’ve heard a voice calling to you. It’s urgent and relentless. It tells you to go into the world and use the Word to heal. Yet despite its supplications, life has gotten in the way.

You say “I can’t yet, I just have to get my finances situated.” Or “I can’t yet, I just have to get my home life a little more together.” Months crowd into years, years into whole chapters of your life. And still the voice, the call to do God’s work, goes unanswered.

You’re not alone in your ambition. Colorado Christian University can help you realize it through the College for Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS).

Work – Life Balance

Life moves faster than ever, and it seems impossible that one can balance everyday life and the call to serve the Lord. That’s why CAGS created its Master of Arts in Counseling program at Grand Junction.

In as little as two and half years, you can be helping others find solace through faith. Our program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), and the Western Slope has never needed these services more. Everyday people are dealing with difficult and desperate situations, and your efforts can bring solace. And with average salaries of $40,000, you don’t have to choose between a thriving community and a thriving family.

The Masters of Arts in Counseling program will give you tools to nurture and heal through the message of the Christian faith. It’s organized into a cohort program- one course at a time, interacting with one group of peers the whole way through. In this way, CCU respects the demands on your time while allowing you to grow in a vibrant, intellectual community of fellow Christians. Your cohort will be like a family- as you proceed you’ll strengthen your skills, your faith, and your fellowship together. The support and encouragement of cohort programs improves graduation rates, and the camaraderie will enrich your new work and your new life.

Register by July 1

CCU’s Master of Arts in Counseling in Grand Junctions is scheduled to begin on August 18th, and the deadline to apply online is coming up fast on July 1st. In addition to completing the application, please submit a resume or CV, GRE scores (if applicable), and two letters of recommendation. An interview will follow and must also be completed by the deadline.

Don’t deny that voice any longer. You have a calling. Embrace the gift that grace has given you. Begin now.