Christian Education Benefiting Christians & Non-Christians Alike

coexist-earth2Because Colorado Christian University is founded on Christian values, there may be a perception that we only welcome Christians to enroll. But nothing could be further from the truth.

College is a place to encounter and pursue the unfamiliar. New knowledge, challenging ideas, and contradictory opinions are to be expected and encouraged. Universities are a melting pot in the best sense – a disparate and even volatile blending of elements. But in the end you get something stable, surprising, and wonderful.

With all that said, Christian values abound on the CCU campus. But that needn’t be threatening. At CCU, we strive to live the highest ideals of Christianity. And many of these ideals are compatible and enriching for anyone, no matter their faith.


Christ kept interesting company (Matthew 9:10-12), and never turned his back on anyone wishing to speak with Him. Neither will we. As Christians, we believe that our job is simple: love God and love others, no exceptions (Matthew 12:30-31). If those aren’t sterling guidelines, we can’t think what are.


Intimacy with one’s neighbors is one of life’s most beautiful things (Psalms 133:1-3). Knowing this, CCU CAGS is designed to incorporate study and fellowship. Called the cohort model, it stresses small class sizes and a consistent peer group.

Your cohort is like your family. You grow intellectually, of course, but also in many other ways. You form bonds of friendship that can only come through common struggle and diverse perspectives. There are also practical benefits: a strong professional network and an increased rate of graduation.

Bottom line: fellowship is great.


With loving all people comes responsibilities to them. We mustn’t cloister ourselves with others of the same status and affluence. Instead, we must journey into the world and do what we can to alleviate suffering (Matthew 25:35-41).

CCU has a rich tradition of mission work. It’s both a calling and a privilege to serve those less fortunate than ourselves. We’ve touched over 175 U.S. communities and people in 45 countries worldwide. And all these initiatives have been organized by students, from selecting the locations to preparations for the trip. New missions are being formed constantly, so the opportunities for service and travel are practically unlimited.

But you don’t have to travel far afield to make a difference. Charity starts at home, and our student-led ministries give ample opportunity to contribute in Colorado. Whether you have a passion to work with refugees, the homeless, the sick, or the disabled, student-led ministries are always looking for compassionate people.

We’d love to continue the conversation with you. Learn more about CAGS and tell us more about you. We welcome all people into the CCU family!